What is Mondo Roots you ask? To better understand what this festival is all about let's break the name down. "Mondo", the Italian word for "world", literally means “Striking or Remarkable” and “Large or all-encompassing”.  When we founded Mondo Roots we wanted to have a festival that was striking, diverse, interesting, engaging; furthermore, the “Root” of this festival is to give the surrounding communities an all-encompassing festival celebrating different cultures and different walks of life. Simply put Mondo Roots is a festival that is here to “Celebrate Diversity and Empower the Community”.


Q:  How much are the tickets to get in to the festival?

A:  Admission to this festival is free to everyone. However if you would like a VIP Experience with a large tent, beer sampling, as well as added refreshments and a commemorative cup you can buy them here. 


Q:  Where is this festival located? 

A:  Mondo Roots is located in the heart of Downtown Clayton in the Historic District.  You can put in 110 West Main Street, Clayton NC as the address and it will take you right to us! 


Q:  Are children allowed?

A:  Yes, Absolutely! This is an event for all ages and  we will have areas that cater to young and old minds alike.

Q:  Can I bring my dog?

A:  Yes, Well behaved dogs, cats, lemurs and squirrels on a leash are welcome. Turtles are also welcome, they are not required to wear a leash. Please maintain the whereabouts of all your pets as we are not responsible for injuries.

Q:  Will there be alcohol? 

A:  Yes, we have a beer vendor as well as a wine vendor selling by the glass.


Q:  Are lawn chairs, strollers and umbrellas allowed in? 

A:  Yes they are all allowed; however, only standard sized rain umbrellas.


Q:  What are the hours of the festival?

A:  The festivities start at 12pm and go on until 8pm


Q:  Will there be food?

A:  Yes, come with an appetite, we have multiple snack vendors and several food trucks coming out.


Q:  Can I bring my cousins?

A:  The more the merrier!

Q:  How do I become an artist/ vendor/ exhibitor?

A:  Check out our application form here.

Q:  Can I volunteer?

A:  Yes, check out our volunteer info and contact page here.

Q:  How do I become one of the featured artists or musicians?

A:  Please feel free to contact us using the provided contact form below or email our booking agent directly

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