Nappy Roots, from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Best Selling Hip - Hop group from 2002 and beyond. New Album 40 Akerz Project is being met with great reviews. Nappy Roots lyrics talk about empowerment, struggles and celebration.
Roots Of A Rebellion
Roots of a Rebellion creates reggae infused music through the love that they experience on a daily basis.
Cha Wa
Hailing out of the crescent city the Mardi Gras Indian funk band Cha Wa delivers an explosive sound that encompasses all of New Orleans
The Ragbirds
The Ragbirds are a genre bending hybrid of indie pop melodies, global rhythms and songwriting styles influenced from all over the world.
DJ Jedi
The force is strong with this one. DJ Jedi will be spinning during set breaks, from old school hip hop to dub-house
Echelon Youth Brass Jazz Ensemble
Echelon Brass is one of the leading instruction schools in the area. Their students are a force to be reckoned with. Jazz, Swing, Big Band, they can do it all
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Victor Knight III
Victor Knight III has prowess, has immense talent, and most of all has spray cans. Taking the local art scene by storm, Victor's talents can be seen and are displayed all over the triangle.
Clark Hipolito - Art Co
Maleah Christie
Somewhere between bourbon and paint is born Maleah Christie's artwork. Owner of Shaded and Faded as well as Revival 1869 Bar, Maleah's work is displayed and appreciated throughout the county and beyond
Simoan Scott Leonard
Local artist of Clayton NC, born and raised in Raleigh NC. She comes from a long line of artisans & craftsman. The Arts have always been apart of her life. She has been commissioned throughout the U.S. to create arts in many forms…. paintings, murals, sculptures, graphic design and illustrations, using various mediums.
Eric Schreffler - Rockstar Canvas
The ability to fuse music into his art has given Eric Schreffler a fantastic style that blends the two. His works are created using several different Medias including airbrushing, stenciling, collage, and music all on canvas. He names all his work after songs in his playlist while painting. The style could be called Music Inspired Abstract Fusion.
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